Trim lavender but avoid cutting into old wood

Cut your lawn regularly

Split large clumps of spent snowdrops and re-plant

Prune Hydrangeas, Leycesteria and ornamental grasses  

Sow seeds of annual herbs, flowers and vegetables

Dead-head spent daffodil blooms to invigorate bulbs





Cut back perennial grasses and trim Hypericums

Prune mid and late summer flowering Clematis

Prune shrub and climbing roses and mulch with manure

Refresh compost in pots and add slow-release fertiliser 

Prune Dogwoods by a third and cut back Buddleias by half

Plant summer flowering bulbs such as Dahlias and Lilies

Sow tomato, pepper and chilli seeds indoors as they need a long hot summer to produce fruit




winter pansies

Prune Wisterias, Cotinus and Sambucus while they are still dormant.

Now is the time to buy in bulbs for spring planting such as dahlias, lilies and gladiolis

Cut back any weak or damaged bamboo canes down to the ground; this also prevents them becoming too rampant.

Once Mahonias have finished flowering, to keep in check and to encourage growth lower down the shrub, prune off their heads. 

Once the weather starts to improve, cut grass and edge borders (watch out for baby hedgehogs).

Start to cut down the stems of perennial seedheads left over winter.