Writtle College

What We Offer:

  • One 2 One Design & Consultation
  • Drawings provided
  • Project Management
  • Horticulture, Floristry & Design expertise
  • Dependable, reliable workforce

Soft Landscape Design

What is soft landscape design?

Soft landscape design is the art of combining different plant species effectively to create and transform an outdoor space or garden, so it becomes a place of visual beauty for respite and enjoyment.

By selecting plants that thrive in the conditions and environment of an outdoor space, a balanced and wildlife friendly scheme is created.

TWIGZ Design approaches projects with a clear vision of which plants will suit the site and a keen sense of how the scheme will look as it matures.

Planning Ahead

Design planning is undertaken all year round. However, bearing in mind a design can take a few weeks to put together, it is best to work outside of the spring and autumn seasons, when planting is at its peak.

The Design Process

Our service begins from design through to implementation. It includes complete planting plans and a full plant sourcing, setting out and planting service. It is a five-stage process that includes:

  • Brief
  • Site survey and soil analysis
  • Plan and image presentation
  • Site preparation
  • Sourcing, delivering, setting out and planting of plant materials.


Initial consultation for local work is free of charge. Design work is charged on a case by case basis depending on the complexity of the design. Budgets are discussed at the brief.

After Care

Once a design project is complete, a plant care schedule is provided. This lists the plants used in the scheme and explains how best to care for them.

Further guidance can be given in the art of pruning, dead-heading and general gardening upkeep.