Writtle College

TWIGZ Design is a Hatfield Peverel, Chelmsford based business that offers bespoke garden and planting design solutions as well as border care for outdoor spaces. It has been established since 2012.

Founder and designer is Nicky Johnson, a qualified horticulturist and garden designer with industry experience.


Flower Bed Design

TWIGZ Design owner Nicky Johnson has generated a passion for creating innovative spaces and beautiful plant filled borders.

Having studied for over 6 years both in horticulture and design under the guidance of experts at Writtle University College, she then went onto work for institutions such as Cressing Temple Barns in Braintree and private gardens throughout the county to further her education.


Planter borders

Whether you’re looking for an instant transformation for a special occasion, or your outdoor space simply needs an uplifting and inspiring injection of colour and form, TWIGZ Design is ready to help.

With expertise in design and plant selection, we will find the best solution for your plot, creating structure, scent and colour.


Design Plan

By selecting robust aesthetics, quality plants and using skilled workmanship from reputable and trusted organisations, your outdoor space will have a greater chance of standing the test of time and plants will have a higher rate of growth success.

Plants such as old garden favourites like Penstemon and Roses to new and innovative species, we aim to keep up to date with new varieties that come onto the market-place, providing you with a choice of innovative, contemporary or classic horticulture options.